Rise of the Robotoids!

I’m up to choreographing the first “battle” (such as it is) in my “Robot Story.”  Kevin’s RPG character, Kwan-Ji, goes toe-to-toe with Robbie the Robot (Forbidden Planet) and B-9 (Lost In Space) and doing a sh*t-ton of research (because that’s what I do). 

I can honestly say that I never knew (or really cared about) the history of these two 50’s/60’s robots.  But being as they’re gracing a page (well, part of a page) in my story and I want to make they’re appearance authentic and enjoyable for those of you who do have fond memories of these guys, well—I’m trying my best.

Here are my (very quick) sketches of the robots in question…


B-9 SketchRobbie Sketch


…and here are a few funny videos of these mechanical muttonheads.


Oh, the 50’s future… how things have changed!


I bet this was the first time I saw the “live” Robbie”





So there you have it—a tiny robotoid preview.  Beware-- the Robot Skelton Army is on the rise!