There will be robots…

Hanks' World Awesomesauce logo


Here’s the logo for the “Robot Story” that I’m working on for Allen Freeman’s SLAM BANG comics anthology and as you can see, the title is "BLINK & SAM’S AWESOMESAUCE ADVENTURE.” (If the logo/design/layout is confusing to you, PLEASE say so now!)

It’s going to be an 8 page Hank’s World story and feature Blink and Sam joining in a sci-fi role-playing game session with Hank and his friends Amy, Kevin and Joshua.  (Think of Hank’s World as a spin-off series of Blink.) The group will be playing an old space-opera action-adventure game called “Star Frontiers” (I played the game in the 80’s and it’s although it’s officially out-of-print, thanks to enthusiastic fans, it’s still available to play).   The “Awesomesauce Adventure” will be split between the “real world” (at Hank’s house with everyone sitting at the table with plenty of paper, pencils, dice, soft drinks & snacks) and the “gaming world.” (with plenty of rampaging robots).

Here’s what Amy, Kevin & Josh look like in the “real world”:

Amy Sketch 1Kevin head sketch Joshua Trimble sketch 1

And these are their “game world” characters:

Hanks' World Gang Sketch

I also have the outfits that Blink and Sam will wear in the “real world:”

Blink's Awesomesauce Adventure --Real-- outfitSam's Awesomesauce Adventure Outfit


Blink is going to “get into character” for the game, but if/how that’s going to differ from her “real world” persona is still to be determined.  Sam, however, could not care less about “getting into character.” 


I’ll be posting the work here as I complete it (in its various stages).  Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.