Open Salon, God and Me

As many of you who've visited this site over the past few days know, I drew my first editorial cartoon and posted it on my blog at Open Salon.  It was an "Editor's Pick" and got some cover real estate for the weekend and also was linked to in recent newsletters.  I've been posting my work on Open Salon for a couple of months (funny thing-- my first posted comic had to do with Health Care, too!) and I've been drawing comics in one form or another for well over twenty years and this singular cartoon has gotten more hits than all my other work combined.   Seriously.

The thought & execution of the God/Health Care cartoon took less time then my usual work.  The words were all my own but the image wasn't original-- I used a recent New Yorker cartoon as a visual template.  I didn't trace it or anything, but there are quite a few "God looking at Earth" cartoons about (kinda like the "man crawling in the desert" or "person on deserted island" cartoon clichés).  I prefer being as original as possible and using my own characters.  So drawing this somewhat un-original cartoon and getting this sudden burst of "popularity" shakes me up quite a bit; because even though I want people to read my work,  I don't want to quit drawing my Blink comics just so that I can get more people to read "the work of Max Ink."

Being truly original is difficult; but then again, nothing is ever truly original. My roommate is a wonderful cook and I love it when he invites me to taste whatever he's preparing-- but all the ingredients already existed and many of the dishes he prepares have been prepared before.  (But it's awesome when he makes something totally new.)  I guess drawing a cartoon can be seen in a similar fashion:  I'm not so much inventing the art as I am mixing the various ingredients and cooking it on paper.  *Sigh*  Maybe I need to stop getting myself worked up so much and get myself drawing more.

Bottom line: I appreciate all the people who've checked out this site and read my online comics (and requested a free mini-comic) and I hope they'll stick around as I strive to find a balance between giving the people what they expect (familiar cartoon motifs) and doing my own, unique thing-- which is Blink.