Guess what? FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is SATURDAY, MAY 1st!  I'll be pedaling around Columbus to various locations to spread the good word of FREE BLINK (mini) comics (and I'll also have some books for sale, too).

I'll start out the day at Packrat Comics in Hilliard from 12-2pm (they've got a whole lot planned for the day, so be sure to stop by!), then I'll be putting in some time at the Laughing Ogre in Clintonville from 3-5pm .  That will cover my comic shop appearances for the day.  The pièce de résistance is that after a stop at home for a quick nibble, I'll be making a special appearance at the world famous Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in the Short North from 7-10p during the Gallery Hop!  I'll have some original artwork available for viewing, Blink books & prints (of Blink's visit to Jeni's) for selling as well as plenty of mini-comics and Short North Gazettes to hand out to all the evening Ice Cream eaters.

I'm happy that I'll be meeting new readers at Packrat & The Ogre, they're very good comic shops and I hope their FCBD events are successful and bring them loads of new customers.  (`Cause that's what this day is all about!)   But I must say that my appearance at Jeni's is something very special.

Although my characters are fictional, they exist in the very real world of Columbus, Ohio.  Ever since I began writing and drawing Blink, I've wanted to somehow converge (for lack of a better term) my comic books/strips and myself with the REAL locations which we all inhabit.  I've been fortunate enough to make a few impromptu "appearances" at various locations where I've set stories, but this event at Jeni's is something that's planned out (albeit very hastily; I only had the idea to do it yesterday morning).  I love the idea of bringing my comics to the people--where they live their everyday lives.  (But it must be performed in a controlled manner (like this Gallery Hop event), because going up to people at random in the streets and giving them Blink comics is not going to gain me as many new readers as it is restraining orders.)  I hope that I'm successful at Jeni's and I hope this event leads to similar events at other Blink-related locations in Columbus.