What’s Goin’ On

Over the weekend, I spent some time making my plans for next year, which different conventions & events I’ll be attending, what books I’ll be publishing and how much time it will take me to create those books (it will take a lot of time), when I’m scheduling my vacations from work and a few other odds and ends.  After doing that, I thought to myself, “It’s about time I update my blog.” 

So—here I am. How’ve you been?

I’ve been relatively busy: working on a project for an anthology that has nothing at all to do with Blinkand won’t be published by me (it’s a professional-type-thing).  I don’t know how much detail I can provide here before the book gets closer to publication date (sometime later next year), so I’ll just say that it’s sort of a documentary-type thing about Walt Whitman and the entire book will be in full color.  Since I don’t feel confident (at all) with my skills as a colorist, I did the whole thing in grey scale and then “switched” it to Sepia Tone.  I think it worked out pretty well and I learned a few new things about myself, my abilities and the tools I use to make comics. 

It also pushed me to complete a project by a set deadline.  I’ve had deadlines before, but this was the first one that I had set before me after I had signed a binding contract.  (Although, I don’t know if it was notarized.)  As a result, I stepped up my game a bit more and took the production a lot more seriously.  Not that I don’t take the creation of my own comics seriously, it’s more the production of my comics that remains amorphous. 

Anyway, the bottom line is that I’ve got that project done and now I’m going to use the stuff I learned from that experience and step up my game on the production of Blink.  Looking over the last few blog entries, I see that I began working on “Wonka Wonka Kochalka,” the first chapter of the BLINK: SO IT GOES graphic novel, way back in July.  I worked on it on & off for a few months, but had a difficult time staying on track.  (Gee, that’s never happened before.)

Now I am back on track.   And I know what I need to do in order to turn my dreams into a coherent, cohesive & consistent reality.  I want to see my second graphic novel--which looks like it’s going to be over 400 pages long--completed as soon as possible.  If I were Stan Sakai, or maybe Dave Sim in his prime, I could probably knock out 400 pages in about two years, but I am not that nimble of a writer/artist.  Heck, it took me SEVEN years to write & draw BLINK: SO FAR, and that was less than 90 pages!  But I think I can do So It Goes in FIVE years.  I believe that I can actually write and draw about 90-100 pages per year ( which works out to be three chapters per year).  About 3 weeks writing (and rewriting) and laying out each 30+ page chapter, then about 10 weeks for drawing/scanning and finally, 1 week to format it for printing.  That works out to be 14 weeks per chapter, with about three weeks leeway per chapter to allow for real-life stuff, conventions, psychological melt-downs, etc..

So, if I want to get these chapters completed as quickly as I am capable, when I’m in those intense 10-week periods of drawing each chapter, Hank at Wild Goose CreativeI need to complete at least 3.5 pages every week.  That means that I need to spend about 35 hours a week (and sometimes more) working on Blink (that’s in addition to my regular job, which I work close to 25/week).  I know that I’m capable of devoting that much time to creating comics, since that’s what I had to do towards the end of my Walt Whitman project.  It’s just a matter of staying focused and keeping myself away from distractions.  (This darned computer is one of those blasted distractions.  Good thing I do a lot of my work by hand!)


I think I had more that I wanted to write about, but I’m kinda jazzed about the tracks I’ve laid down for myself, so I’m gonna start chugging away.  Hopefully, I’ll make more stops here on this blog along the way and share what’s going on.  However, if you want more regular updates (albeit shorter ones), go ahead and friend me on Facebook and “like” Blink’s FB page. 

And lastly, I’m working up a “Buddies of Blink” email newsletter thing that will come out on a sorta monthly schedule and feature special stuff that will be for members of B.O.B. only, so send me a note to sign up for that.

Whelp—back to work!