Books! Books! and more Books!

They're here! They're here!!  A whole mess'o Blink comics fresh from the printer!!!  Can you tell that I'm excited from all the exclamation points I'm using?!?!  These books will be available for sale at the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo this weekend! 


Now, lemmie fill you in on a not-so-secret thingie: These particular books I printed are special.  The regular edition, which is going to be ready to order from Amazon in a week or so, will be printed as a digest sized book.  But these "Convention" editions are printed oversized (magazine sized) with art that is signigantly larger than the digest edition.  The special "Convention" edition is priced at $15 compared with the digest version, which is priced at $10.  

After the show, if there are any books left over from this "massive" print run (of less than 50 books), I'll do what I can to sell `em over the intertubes.