Leaving It, Getting It, Giving It, Enjoying It

"I can feel no sense of measure

No illusions as (I) take

Refuge in young man's pleasure

Breaking down the dreams (I) make



One down one to go

Another town and one more show.....


Sigh.... (I just can't leave these guys behind. Ever) (Some people might call my love of YES a "guilty pleasure," but I just think of it as a pleasure.)

Anyhow-- I had a WONDERFUL time yesterday at SPACE and am very much looking forward to another one today.  I hope (but do not exactly expect) that I can get up and walk around to say "HI" to friends and colleagues.  Why?  Because of the the brisk sales of my newest book, So Far (which drew at least one person to the show after he read the article about it), yesterday was my single BEST day EVER at a con!  Hoo-HAA!  As such, if I can manage to SELL OUT of my print run of So Far on Sunday, I'd like very much to do so!

Be that as it may, I have no expectations of how Sunday will be (financially); nevertheless, I have a feeling it'll be a good day.




And for the sake of clarification to my friends Ryan, Jay, John, Kira, Grace & Canada-- here is the Five Easy Pieces Diner Scene I was talking about outside of Jeni's in Grandview Heights: