We've got a Starr in Columbus

I honestly cannot recall where or when I first met Talcott Starr (probably at last year's SPACE or there abouts), but each brief encounter we've shared reminds me why I love comics and poetry, because his web comic series, Rescue Archeology, details his life in such a poetic and honest fashion.  

I was fortunate enough to see him again this past weekend and get a copy of his collection, Found On The Memory Farm. (I don't know how/when he'll make it available for sale via the internets, but if you subscribe to his twitter feed, I'm sure you'll be the first to know.) Talcott's art and writing is a mix of Jeffrey Brown, James Kolchalka, Craig Thompson, Harvey Pekar (sans Harvey's trademark grumpiness), John Porcellino and Paul Chadwick. 

After thumbing through Found, I took a few seconds to check out his Live Journal blog and came across this post.  He's been collecting songs about Ohio/Ohio cities and this is the one he found about Columbus-- Road Outside Columbus by O.A.R.  Admittedly, Talcott isn't a fan of the song, and I am unfamiliar with the band, but hey-- how many songs are there about Columbus?  If you know any, post `em in the comments section, will ya?  Please?