The First Review is In!


My friend, Daryn Guarino posted this photo and wrote the following on my Facebook Wall:

Got home from SPACE with a ton to read. Plowed through the pile, but didn't find "Blink: So Far". Hmmm. I knew I had it, but it wasn't in my box, it wasn't in my van, and the kids didn't have it. What happened to it? Today the book appeared on my desk with a note from my wife, Elizabeth.


Then, after my thanking Elizabeth for the note (and thanking Daryn as well), Elizabeth replied:

I really did - and I'm not at all an informed initiate of the comic world. I liked Sam, loved Blink, and am sure I've met Hank at Goodale Park somewhere in my travels! I LOVED the Columbus landmark sketches. I also really enjoyed both the introduction (don't remember the guy's name who wrote it, but I loved his message), and your Creatorial at the end. THAT was actually one of my most favorite framed all I had read, was so eloquently "human" (I can completely identify with the urge to save things until the "opus" is perfect), and made your relationship with the characters somehow more real and almost tangible. I can honestly say, Max, that the demands of my life and career don't often give me time and space for pleasure reading much anymore - but, I WILL read Blink - I will MAKE time for it - anytime I see her!! Thanks so much for having the courage to just do it "so far".