Options in buying BLINK: SO FAR (the bottom line)

Thanks for your interest in purchasing my graphic novel, Blink: So Far!  

At this point in time (early April) I'm working on making the book available for sale to comic book specialty shops around America and the world.   Being as how it's not offered in any official distribution channels, I'm setting it up shop by shop.  At present, there are only a few shops that carry the book-- and if your in the vacinity of either of these shops, I encourage you to buy it from them.

Online, however, there are two ways in which you can buy the book (and your choice in the matter affects how much money I receive in royalties):

  • The first option-- the one that I assume most readers/buyers will choose, is purchasing the book via Amazon.com. If you've ever purchased anything from Amazon, the process is pretty self explainatory.  I buy a LOT of stuff from Amazon (books, movies, music, etc) and have yet to be disappointed in their service.  No harm to me or disrespect to you if you choose this option. (Whether you chose to use Amazon or not, please do me a favor and write a review of the book and be sure to "like" the book, too!)
  • The second option-- the path less travelled, is purchasing the book through my CreateSpace page.  The set-up might seem unfamiliar, but please don't let that bother you-- CreateSpace is owned by Amazon.com. So, ordering it through CreateSpace is very much like ordering it through Amazon.  

The big difference between which option you choose is how much of a royalty I receive from your purchase.  Here's the bottom line: I receive 66% more revenue when the book is purchased through CreateSpace.  Like I said-- you're free to choose whichever option feels right to you and that's totally all right with me.  Either way you choose, I'll make money and you'll get a Blink book delivered to your door in a timely fashion.  So in the end, we booth win and that's mighty damn cool from my perspective.