For your consideration--

Here is the “So Far”cover—pencils, inks & colors:

SO FAR Cover [Final Pencils]    So Far Cover [Finished Inks]    SO FAR Cover [Final Colors] 

And here are the 9 stories that will be included in the book:

Autumn's Playground

Time An A Few Words

A Brief, Hopeless Case

Snow Day

Barefoot In America, Breakfast In The Park

Beatnik Picnik

Space To Breathe

A Spark's Desire Is An Ember's Deed

Rain In The Evening, Rein In The Mourning


Now, I still have an interior drawing to complete and my “Creatorial” to write—and then it’s off to the printer!  Can you believe a week ago I had no clue that I’d be having a book to sell at S.P.A.C.E.?