Status Update

This past week has been a good week.  

First off, this morning Chuck Moore over at Comics Related gave me a heads-up this morning that my mug was getting some primo real estate on their site regarding their photo coverage of the Gem City Comic Con.  (There are more photos here, too.  And more to come!)  Gem City was a fun one day show and I'm glad that I went. (Even if it wasn't as financially rewarding as SPACE; but whatchugonnado? It's primarily a Superhero show and my book is a far cry from superhero fare).  I spent some quality time with my friend, Frank Cvetkovic along with that fella in the pic above to my left, Rob Walker-- who also took a bunch of photos of his own at the show.  

On Tuesday, Rob and I took a little trip down to McPherson Commons/Arch Park (with the Union Station Arch), North Bank Park and the Santa Maria in Downtown Columbus for some reference photography stuff (for a far off future Blink story).

He lookie!  It's me with my "toy" camera.  You can see my pics here.


So... that was earlier today and Tuesday; on Monday & Wednesday I took another step forward in making my comics creating passion be more like a comics creating career-- I opened a business bank account!  A week or so ago, I received one of those promotional mailers from a local bank and decided that now was the time to take my Blink finances seriously.  So I stopped into the bank on my way back from the Post Office (mailing out a "ton" of Blink: So Far review copies) and before hanging out with some friends at Kafe Kerouac to make art.  I was helped by a very nice Assistant Bank Manager, Josh, and was then asked to return on Wednesday to talk with Hilliary about opening up my new business account.  She was enthusiastic and awesome and oh-so-helpful, patient & understanding!  (I'm a rank amatuer when it comes to finances!) I am now registered in the State of Ohio to Legally erarn money under the title: Maximilian Ink.  ("Max Ink" as a trade name was taken.) 

Let's see... Weds, Tues, Mon, Sun... going back in time to SATURDAY!  That day kicked off a 24-Hour Comics marathon at the Wild Goose Creative.   My Sunday Comix friends Canada Keck, Talcott Starr, Alex Heberling & Michael Neno were the participants and most of them managed to stay awake and complete the entire she-bang.  Since I was going to Dayton on Sunday, I could only commit to visiting for a few hours to cheer them on and eat some free pizza.

How about Friday?  I had a majorly awesome time with my daughter seeing/hearing Todd Rundgren perform the entirety of his albums Todd and Healing at the Southern Theater.  (I think the review for Todd's opening night in Hartford is a slightly better written review of the show.)

Oh, and you know what?  There was something else awesome that happened this afternoon-- but that's a whole `nother story!  (to be continued...)