Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

In case you didn't notice that little text on the left, I'll be hanging out with a few thousand heroes at HeroesCon down in Charlotte, NC for the next few days.  I'll have plenty of So Far books along with a few prints (like the one above, colored by the awesomely talented Matthew Swift) and other various Blink thingees.  

Also, if you were wondering why I hadn't updated this site for a number of weeks, here's the scoop: I was busy struggling with writing a script for a non-fiction historical piece about Walt Whitman.  (Huh. He celebrated his 172nd birthday two days ago.  Cool.)  The trouble I was having with the script was that it felt more like writing a term paper than a comic book, but after I got over the "academic" nature of the material (which I can't stand) and got into a more poetic mindset (which is more my speed), I relaxed and enjoyed it. (This is a Walt Whitman piece after all.) The 13-page narrative--which I'll draw later this year--will be included in an anthology that's going to published by an honest-to-gosh-for-realsies publisher.  More info on that will be forthcoming as the publication date gets closer (due sometime in 2012).

I also spent the beginning of the month working on a cute 3-page Blink story that will appear in a Dollar Bin anthology and the past little while has been spent putting together a nifty-keen "Blink: So Far" brochure (with 2-page comic) that I hope will up the awareness of the book.  I'll have plenty of `em out and about at HeroesCon, then when I return to C-Bus, I'll be putting them out and about at coffee shops, record stores, galleries, cool resale shops and wherever Blink-minded readers can be found.