One down, 29 more to go

It took about three hours for me to finish the inks on the Iuka Apartment building. 

Not all too shabby. 

I still have to spruce it up with tones in Photoshop, but my scanner is on the fritz, so that will have to wait until the replacement arrives (should be at my door tomorrow).  For now, it’s time for dinner, then to begin work on one of the story pages and see what I can get done on that before leaving for work tonight.

There are 28 pages of story and I also have the cover to draw=29 more to go.  I think (if my shoddy math skills are correct), if I draw 4.5 pages per week, I’ll have all that done & formatted for printing before I go to Baltimore in August.  (I also have to squeeze in a single page piece and a pin-up drawing that are scheduled to be completed before the end of the month.  Hi Ken!  Hi Chris!)