Goin’ Old School

I spent a little time yesterday taking some much-needed photo reference shots at the two locations that WWK takes place.  As a result, I should have page one penciled today and inked tomorrow.  Later tonight to post the progress of that page—with the photo ref shot used). 

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you a bit of WWK history.  The story (in title, anyway) was originally conceived 5 years ago and featured just Blink & Hank bumping into each other (literally), talking and getting to know each others’ histories a bit more.  (Now the same thing will be taking place, but with six characters).  The other thing that’s a hold-over from the original is Blink’s overalls.

So I reached into my old Blink sketchbook (#9) and found this:

2006--02-27 WWK promo sketch

Oh, those blank Little Orphan Annie eyes Blink used to sport.  (Ick.)  If you want, there’s lots of other WWK sketches and penciled pages that I can post.  Let me know. 

Side note—the new WWK is being sketched out in Blink sketchbook #21.


ALSO!  Check it out:  I done did a guest strip for Kevin Freeman & Stan Yan's webcomic, SubCulture.  Fun!