Wheels on the bus go `round and `round…

Bus Stop Ned - Blink [Max Ink]Do you ride the bus?  Have you ever sat next to a fellow rider who spouted nonsensical phrases, comments, opinions, what-have-you?  If so, then you might’ve been sitting next to Ken Eppstein’s “BUS STOP NED.”  In Ken’s NIX COMICS QUARTERLY #3, Blink makes an appearance in a Bus Stop Ned one-page story.  Historical fun fact: this is the first comic that Blink appears in color!  

NIX is a horror/humor comic which comes out quarterly (obviously) and every issue features a variety of local & national artists illustrating stories written by Ken. (Ken occasionally allows others to write stories, but Ken is following in the great Harvey Kurtzman’s footsteps and likes to have plenty of control over the comics he publishes—which I can completely understand.)  This time around, the illustration talent includes Mark Rudolph, Michael Neno, E.J. Barnes, Matt Wyatt, Bob Ray Starker, and a story written by Rachel Deering and illustrated by Glen Ostrander who also painted the gorgeous cover art (see detail below). 

NIX COVER (detail)

The newest issue of NIX COMICS QUARTERLY makes it’s debut in late August and I hear a rumor that there will be a “Kickstarter BBQ” on the 27th with the location TBA.