Shooting for the Stars

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Blink’s Super-Keen Wonka Wonka Kochalka Kickstarter Campaign is approaching its FINAL WEEK and there’s still time for you to participate!

Yes, the initial goal has already been reached, and I am astounded by the support I’ve gotten from Blink readers thus far. Seriously, you guys are the greatest!  I’ve gotten a few question over the past few weeks and I want to address them while there’s still time.

First of all, THIS CAMPAIGN IS NOT A CHARITY. All the money that’s raised through this Kickstarter campaign will go towards funding my various Blink related expenses (the printing of books, posters, t-shirts & promotional materials as well as costs involved with putting on the Blink Gallery Show in March at the Wild Goose Creative). After the campaign ends on Jan 31, the total amount raised will be deposited into my bank account (minus the percentage that Kickstarter keeps for services rendered).

You can contribute any amount ($1 or more) to the campaign and there are lots of options for people who want to give more (and if you give more, you get more). The bottom line however is that I’m essentially asking people to pre-order the “Wonka Wonka Kochalka” book for $10 (which includes shipping*). The book is going to be over 60 pages and if you’ve enjoyed Blink so far, then this new stuff is sure to knock your socks off. 

Star Wars Blink KICK START B W Poster [preview]Now, one of the “premium” rewards is a painted color version of this Blink Star Wars homage poster. I’ve had this drawing around for a couple of years and figured I might as well put it to good use. So I contacted my friend Matthew Swift and asked him to make this drawing of mine look more like the original (with color). Matthew is a professional colorist—he works with DC and Marvel and a few other comic companies, so he knows his way around a color pallet. (Check out our last Blink collaboration here.) I’ve seen a snippet of the final and it’s gonna look SUPERB!! In fact, I am so pleased with what a good job Matthew’s doing, if I reach 200% of my goal, I’m going to add an oversized postcard version of the final painted poster to anyone who pre-orders the book

So, if you haven’t become a Blink backer yet, there’s still time! I’d love for you so to put your name on the 2-page Kickstarter “Thank You” spread that will appear in the book when its printed in March.

*Please add $5 if you live outside the U.S.