The Door is Now Open

After many months of being “almost finished” and “nearly done” and “just about there” it is my pleasure to announce that the final edition of BLINK: So It Goes, Chapter 2 – “…To Go With This Doorknob!” is now ready for purchase!

Here are the options for purchasing the book:

  • You can buy it right now at the CreateSpace store. (That’s who prints the books; much like Ka-Blam, but less expensive.)
  • It will also be available on Amazon in just a few days (if you like your shipping free).
  • If you want to buy it at a comic shop or directly from me you’ll have to wait a few weeks. I’ll need to

There are a few things that make this chapter special: It’s something of a “Blink-solo” story, it features the most “Columbus cameos” I’d ever done (in one single story), it also features the most variety of characters (two of those characters are based on my parents) and it’s got one of the sweetest “best friend” moments I’ve ever created. The entire book is 86 pages—42 pages are story, all the rest is filled with very cool extras! 

If you’re in need of previous Blink books, you can buy them here and here.