Yet Another “New Beginning”

I wrapped up work on Chapter 2 weeks ago (you can buy it here or here), and shortly thereafter I got to work on writing Chapter 3. It took me a month to write it… 50 pages of total and complete Blink awesomeness. I started drawing on Thursday and here here are the first four panels (out of 6) from page 1 to give you a taste of the sweetastic-ness that I’m talking about:

01 [panel 1-4 pencils]

Notes for context: the panel borders are bus windows… and all of the places pictured are located along High Street, running north to south.

BONUS! Here is the mock-up (with inserted photos) which I used as a tracing guide:

01 [panel 1-4 mock-up] copy copy

I anticipate that I’ll have the inks done by tomorrow (I have a separate project that I need to work on tonight/tomorrow before I can get back to work on page 1). When I do finish the page, I’ll post it here.