Yet Another “New Beginning”

I wrapped up work on Chapter 2 weeks ago (you can buy it here or here), and shortly thereafter I got to work on writing Chapter 3. It took me a month to write it… 50 pages of total and complete Blink awesomeness. I started drawing on Thursday and here here are the first four panels (out of 6) from page 1 to give you a taste of the sweetastic-ness that I’m talking about:

01 [panel 1-4 pencils]

Notes for context: the panel borders are bus windows… and all of the places pictured are located along High Street, running north to south.

BONUS! Here is the mock-up (with inserted photos) which I used as a tracing guide:

01 [panel 1-4 mock-up] copy copy

I anticipate that I’ll have the inks done by tomorrow (I have a separate project that I need to work on tonight/tomorrow before I can get back to work on page 1). When I do finish the page, I’ll post it here.

The Door is Now Open

After many months of being “almost finished” and “nearly done” and “just about there” it is my pleasure to announce that the final edition of BLINK: So It Goes, Chapter 2 – “…To Go With This Doorknob!” is now ready for purchase!

Here are the options for purchasing the book:

  • You can buy it right now at the CreateSpace store. (That’s who prints the books; much like Ka-Blam, but less expensive.)
  • It will also be available on Amazon in just a few days (if you like your shipping free).
  • If you want to buy it at a comic shop or directly from me you’ll have to wait a few weeks. I’ll need to

There are a few things that make this chapter special: It’s something of a “Blink-solo” story, it features the most “Columbus cameos” I’d ever done (in one single story), it also features the most variety of characters (two of those characters are based on my parents) and it’s got one of the sweetest “best friend” moments I’ve ever created. The entire book is 86 pages—42 pages are story, all the rest is filled with very cool extras! 

If you’re in need of previous Blink books, you can buy them here and here.

SPACE 2013 (Down to Earth)

I'll be at SPACE this weekend, talking up and selling the Rough Cut Edition of BLINK: So It Goes, Chapter 2-- "...To Go With This Doorknob!" It's a 48-page booklet (42 pages of story, and a cover) that I've made especially for this weekend.

I've printed all of 50 copies of this exclusive edition and hope it will sell out at the show. We'll see. No matter what, I'm sure to have a great time at the show. 


Make Art. And Make It Good.

Yesterday, I celebrated another year around the Sun.  Thanks to all those who wished me well via Facebook, Phone and In Person).

To celebrate the day of my birth, I did one of my very favorite things to do: I made comics. I began working on the final art for the second chapter of BLINK: So It Goes.  (I'll be sure to post samples of the work as I go along.) Afterward, I reflected on the time I've spent on this fine Earth and what I have accomplished thus far.  I'd like to think that I've done okay.

This morning, I happened upon ZEN PENCILS (via the BuzzFeed website) which is a web comic by Australian illustrator, Gavin Aung Than.  Gavin turns inspirational quotes by wise/ intelligent/ compassionate people into wise/ intelligent/ compassionate and inspirational comics.

The comic that drew me to his site adapted a bit from Neil Gaiman's commencement address at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After reading it, I followed Gavin's advice and stopped what I was doing and watched it.     And then I read it.  It's damned good.  (Cripes, it's Neil Gaiman! Of course it's good!)

And now, I'll stop futzing around online and follow Neil's advice (there's plenty to be had) and make a few mistakes ("...make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes...") and I will Make Good Art.

`Round the world and home again, that’s the sailor’s way…


After months and months (or years and years, depending on the context), I am FINALLY done with “Wonka Wonka Kochalka” (chapter one of Blink: So It Goes). Oh, sure, the art and story for the book has been done since the end of February. And the Gallery Show has been hung at Wild Goose Creative since the beginning of March. And the book has been printed since the end of March. But the last bit of creative energy was spent on that (seemingly) Everlasting Gobstopper of a comic yesterday afternoon. 

I have spent the past two weeks with my ass glued to the seat, writing and rewriting commentary and formatting and reformatting and search through my many many sketchbooks and selecting sketches and notes to be included in the book, Behind Sketchbook Cover [Color Copy] copyBehind The Sketchbook: The Making of Wonka Wonka Kochalka. My goal was to have it completed before SPACE, and that goal has been achieved. This “comic book commentary” book is also the last bit of creative work that I needed to get done in order to fulfill my  Kickstarter Campaign rewards. (I still have about a half dozen personalized drawings to do, but that’s another matter entirely—creatively speaking, that is).

So, what is Behind The Sketchbook?

It is what it says: a history of the making of “Wonka Wonka Kochalka.” It’s 40 pages of sketches and notes dating back to the creation of Blink herself (I start the whole thing off with the very first sketch of Blink from April 10, 2003) and then I ramble on and on with a very detailed account of what went into making the “Wonka” comic. From the very first inkling of the idea (it all began with a sketch dated February 24, 2004 with Blink reading a book and saying “Mm. Dreamy Kochalka”) until the bittersweet end, eight years later in 2012 (almost to the day).

Here are a few pages from the book:
















 I know this kind of detailed history of a single comic book isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe some die-hard Blink readers will buy it, I don’t know. I don’t care. I’ve been living with “Wonka” so long, I just had to get it all out of my system and this was the best way for me to do that.

And now it’s done.

But before I sign off from this post, I’m going to reprint what I wrote yesterday. It’s the last bit of commentary that appears in the book and I think it’s a nice send off to a story that’s been a long-time coming.


 “From The Beginning...”


I am so glad to be done with writing this Behind The Sketchbook book! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I did it. The time and effort it took to put this “comic book commentary” together was totally worth it. Over the months it took to write and draw the “Wonka Wonka Kochalka” comic in 2011, I would tell people that the story had been knocking around in my sketchbook for years before. But I never felt that I was able to fully get my point across as to how much work I had already put into this story. How many years I struggled with a concept that had never been published—because it was never quite good enough and never meant to be published—until now. Now, this chapter of Blink is done and I can move on to the next one—the next chapter in the story of Blink (the character, compared to the story of Blink, the comic book).


I really can't stand writing this non-fiction, essay-type stuff. I try my best to be honest and true. Both to myself and the reader.

But I'm always worried about getting my facts wrong. Worried that the words I'm using are wrong. Worried the grammar's wrong. Worried the punctuation is wrong. (Thanks English teachers!) Worried that I'm being too loquacious and overstating my opinion. Worried that I'm missing some important tidbit of information that prevents my point from being crystal clear to the reader. Worried about... nothing.

I'm far more at ease writing fiction: slipping on the persona of some character I created and speaking through them.

But over the years of writing and drawing Blink, Sam and Hank, as I've gotten to know them through the dozen or so stories I've managed to complete and publish, through the hundreds of sketches and notes and...conversations I've had with them in my many many sketchbooks, I've come to accept that they have voices of their own and they speak through me. They have their own truths which they hold dear to themselves. And now with Kevin, Joshua and Amy, and a whole slew of new characters that will appear in the Blink graphic novels to come, there are more voices that will be heard.

More opinions to be expressed.

More truths to be revealed.

More honesty to be shared.

More sparks to be given life.

In the pages of a comic book.

Wonka Reception gone Wild


So, Thursday night was Gallery Night at Wild Goose Creative and it was oodles of fun with lots of friends and plenty of good food and great conversation. Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to stop by and visit! My friend Peter Parker Robert Walker was on the scene with his trusty camera snapping away. IMG_1287



Origami in Flight 





Delicious delectables by CK Catering




Reading… it’s fundamental!






Talkin’ about comics.








“Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, intended to convey information and/or produce an aesthetic response in the reader.”







A little extra Blink art






Up Next, the WWK Book Release Party!




As wonderful an evening as Thursday night was, I need to share something else with you.

It’s been remarked to me that Blink comes off as an intriguing mix of realism and idealism. I’ll take that as a supreme compliment, since that’s exactly what I’m going for. In the Blink short, “Tilting at Landfills,” I used the following quote from Frederick H. Hedge, “What we need most is not so much to realize the ideal but idealize the real.”

I also believe that it’s a foolish thing to avoid seeing and engaging in reality, no matter what avenue we use to attempt our idealistic escape. Try as we might, we cannot evade what is real and true forever. Not the “reality” which we fear to be true, but the reality that is true. The reality that is undeniable, because it is right there, the reality which exists in front of our faces.

Just before the reception, I drove down the alleyway (pictured at left), behind Wild Goose and Rumba Café to park my borrowed car and unload my supplies for the evening’s festivities. 32 WWK [p]As I slowly made my way down the uneven pavement, I passed by a man and woman, who were both dressed in shabby cloths, holding stuffed animals and looking through the trash bins. What I was a very real reflection of what happens on the final page of “Wonka Wonka Kochalka.” This is no coincidence. This is reality and I’m not interested in looking away from it any more.

But I did.

I saw this reality, the reality which I am writing about--amid the trash and refuse, and I didn’t stop. I kept on going because I had something “important” to do.

Now, I don’t feel guilty for not stopping. But I’d like to think that when I am presented with the opportunity to engage in that aspect of reality again

March ain’t so Mad—(The Imperial Reach of Blink!)

Good news everyone! March of 2012 is shaping up to be a “banner month” for me and Blink!

We’ve got the gallery show going on at Wild Goose (this Thursday is the Gallery Night Reception!).  I’ve had a few articles about me & the comic appear in (614) magazine and the OSU Lantern and I’m hoping for more. (not expecting, but hoping!)  I just received word that Blink: So Far got 2nd Place in the "General Category” for the 2011 SPACE Prize!  And to round out the month of awesomesauceness, I ordered the initial batch of copies of “Wonka Wonka Kochalka” and they’re expected to arrive at my doorstep on March 26th. (Which happens to be my mother’s 75th birthday) Smile 

If I wasn’t so busy working on all sorts of comic book/gallery stuff that needs to get done ASAP, I’d totally make a cute sketch of Blink in a Darth Vader helmet.

Wonka Wonka Kochalka—The Gallery Show Postcard!


I just put in an order to local printing company Legendary Ink (no relation) for lots and lots of 5”X7” postcards and got a great deal on the price! (I’m going to totally BLANKET this city with info about this show!) Thank goodness for the total success of the Kickstarter Campaign so I can afford this kind of publicity. (I even managed to include a bit of recognition for the Kickstartin’ Blink readers who helped make this possible on the card Smile). Much of yesterday and a bit of today was spent laying the groundwork for the March 30th Book Release Party. It is going to be an absolute BLAST of a party! I’ll update more about it when plans get finalized.

I also set up a Facebook Event page for this “Wonka Wonka Kochalka” Gallery Show that’s happening all through March at the Wild Goose Creative.

Here’s the nitty-gritty info:

**Gallery Night Reception**
Thursday, March 15th 7p-9p

A relaxed evening of comics and conversation. Copies of "Behind the Sketchbook: The Making of Wonka Wonka Kochalka" will be available for There will be complimentary food and drinks as well as free BLINK mini comics!

***BLINK: "Wonka Wonka Kochalka" Book Release Party! ***
Friday, March 30th 7p-11p

This is it! 8 years in the making, Max Ink's "Wonka Wonka Kochalka" will be released to the world!

And here's the blah blah blah stuff:

Over 30 pages of original comic book art from the newest chapter of Max Ink's BLINK graphic novel will be on display at the Wild Goose Creative. "Wonka Wonka Kochalka" is the first chapter in the graphic novel, BLINK: SO IT GOES. The art will be on view through the month of March.

Max Ink's BLINK comic book series is set in the neighborhoods of Columbus and features "slice-of-life" stories about three charming characters, Hank, Sam and Blink. Since its inception in 2003, BLINK has showcased numerous Columbus landmarks and hang outs such as Goodale Park, Stauf's Coffee House and the Park of Roses. "Wonka Wonka Kochalka" is no different: the 32-page story is set the Wild Goose Creative and the Rumba Cafe.

Ink's work has received much praise over the years, with many reviewers commenting on the beautiful art and real-life dialog. But the

WWK at WGC Postcard [back]

characters themselves are the focus in BLINK; to the point where they seem "less like characters and (more like) people you could easily know.” The style and tone of Ink's stories is "smooth and natural, and just happens. It's real life right on the printed page." One reviewer even likened reading BLINK to "a refreshing adult beverage — relaxing, comfortable, and yet eye-opening in noticing the world from a new perspective."

The BLINK: WWK @ WGC exhibit features all the pages from the "Wonka Wonka Kochalka" chapter in sequence, so viewers can actually read the comic in its entirety on the gallery wall! Each piece of sequential art measures 14" X 17" and is drawn in pen and ink. The printed book will be available for sale on March 30th.

Shooting for the Stars

Cover cropped copy

Blink’s Super-Keen Wonka Wonka Kochalka Kickstarter Campaign is approaching its FINAL WEEK and there’s still time for you to participate!

Yes, the initial goal has already been reached, and I am astounded by the support I’ve gotten from Blink readers thus far. Seriously, you guys are the greatest!  I’ve gotten a few question over the past few weeks and I want to address them while there’s still time.

First of all, THIS CAMPAIGN IS NOT A CHARITY. All the money that’s raised through this Kickstarter campaign will go towards funding my various Blink related expenses (the printing of books, posters, t-shirts & promotional materials as well as costs involved with putting on the Blink Gallery Show in March at the Wild Goose Creative). After the campaign ends on Jan 31, the total amount raised will be deposited into my bank account (minus the percentage that Kickstarter keeps for services rendered).

You can contribute any amount ($1 or more) to the campaign and there are lots of options for people who want to give more (and if you give more, you get more). The bottom line however is that I’m essentially asking people to pre-order the “Wonka Wonka Kochalka” book for $10 (which includes shipping*). The book is going to be over 60 pages and if you’ve enjoyed Blink so far, then this new stuff is sure to knock your socks off. 

Star Wars Blink KICK START B W Poster [preview]Now, one of the “premium” rewards is a painted color version of this Blink Star Wars homage poster. I’ve had this drawing around for a couple of years and figured I might as well put it to good use. So I contacted my friend Matthew Swift and asked him to make this drawing of mine look more like the original (with color). Matthew is a professional colorist—he works with DC and Marvel and a few other comic companies, so he knows his way around a color pallet. (Check out our last Blink collaboration here.) I’ve seen a snippet of the final and it’s gonna look SUPERB!! In fact, I am so pleased with what a good job Matthew’s doing, if I reach 200% of my goal, I’m going to add an oversized postcard version of the final painted poster to anyone who pre-orders the book

So, if you haven’t become a Blink backer yet, there’s still time! I’d love for you so to put your name on the 2-page Kickstarter “Thank You” spread that will appear in the book when its printed in March.

*Please add $5 if you live outside the U.S.

START the year by giving BLINK a KICK!


I hope your Holidays were Happy & Merry. Have you made your resolutions for the New Year? I have. I resolve to keep making new Blink books--lots more than I have in the past. And I also resolve to get more people reading them (and buying them).

I've been doing a pretty good job on the former by giving myself clear and managable goals every week and over the past few months I've managed to stay on schedule. I have every intention of keeping up the pace through the new year (and many years to come!).  

As for latter, one way that I am going to accomplish that is by running a Kickstarter Campaign to help boost the sales (and the awareness) of the first chapter (Wonka Wonka Kochalka) of the second graphic novel of Blink (So It Goes).  

If you've never heard of or participated in a Kickstarter Campaign, here's the deal: Kickstarter is a website that helps artistic types raise the funds needed in order to make their creative projects realities. There are all kinds of creative projects that they offer fundraising for-- Art,  Comics,  Dance,  Design,  Fashion,  Film & Video,  Food,  Games,  Music,  Photography,  Publishing,  Technology  and  Theater.  All the projects have clear objectives and the fundraing is "All or Nothing." People pledge money--however much they want--and receive rewards (payments are credit card based and processed through Amazon).  If the project isn't fully funded by the deadline, then no one is charged anything (and no one gets anything). 

My objective is raising funds ($1,500) to help pay for the printing of Wonka Wonka Kochalka and to offset the costs involved in putting on a Blink comic art show at the Wild Goose Creative gallery space.  I've got all sorts of various pledge amounts (from as little as $1 all the way up to $150) and lots of cool rewards. Even if you don't want to pledge any money (I know some people are wary of spending money online), you can help by sharing the project on Facebook, Twitter (or your social network of choice).  The campaign ends on January 31. 


What’s Goin’ On

Over the weekend, I spent some time making my plans for next year, which different conventions & events I’ll be attending, what books I’ll be publishing and how much time it will take me to create those books (it will take a lot of time), when I’m scheduling my vacations from work and a few other odds and ends.  After doing that, I thought to myself, “It’s about time I update my blog.” 

So—here I am. How’ve you been?

I’ve been relatively busy: working on a project for an anthology that has nothing at all to do with Blinkand won’t be published by me (it’s a professional-type-thing).  I don’t know how much detail I can provide here before the book gets closer to publication date (sometime later next year), so I’ll just say that it’s sort of a documentary-type thing about Walt Whitman and the entire book will be in full color.  Since I don’t feel confident (at all) with my skills as a colorist, I did the whole thing in grey scale and then “switched” it to Sepia Tone.  I think it worked out pretty well and I learned a few new things about myself, my abilities and the tools I use to make comics. 

It also pushed me to complete a project by a set deadline.  I’ve had deadlines before, but this was the first one that I had set before me after I had signed a binding contract.  (Although, I don’t know if it was notarized.)  As a result, I stepped up my game a bit more and took the production a lot more seriously.  Not that I don’t take the creation of my own comics seriously, it’s more the production of my comics that remains amorphous. 

Anyway, the bottom line is that I’ve got that project done and now I’m going to use the stuff I learned from that experience and step up my game on the production of Blink.  Looking over the last few blog entries, I see that I began working on “Wonka Wonka Kochalka,” the first chapter of the BLINK: SO IT GOES graphic novel, way back in July.  I worked on it on & off for a few months, but had a difficult time staying on track.  (Gee, that’s never happened before.)

Now I am back on track.   And I know what I need to do in order to turn my dreams into a coherent, cohesive & consistent reality.  I want to see my second graphic novel--which looks like it’s going to be over 400 pages long--completed as soon as possible.  If I were Stan Sakai, or maybe Dave Sim in his prime, I could probably knock out 400 pages in about two years, but I am not that nimble of a writer/artist.  Heck, it took me SEVEN years to write & draw BLINK: SO FAR, and that was less than 90 pages!  But I think I can do So It Goes in FIVE years.  I believe that I can actually write and draw about 90-100 pages per year ( which works out to be three chapters per year).  About 3 weeks writing (and rewriting) and laying out each 30+ page chapter, then about 10 weeks for drawing/scanning and finally, 1 week to format it for printing.  That works out to be 14 weeks per chapter, with about three weeks leeway per chapter to allow for real-life stuff, conventions, psychological melt-downs, etc..

So, if I want to get these chapters completed as quickly as I am capable, when I’m in those intense 10-week periods of drawing each chapter, Hank at Wild Goose CreativeI need to complete at least 3.5 pages every week.  That means that I need to spend about 35 hours a week (and sometimes more) working on Blink (that’s in addition to my regular job, which I work close to 25/week).  I know that I’m capable of devoting that much time to creating comics, since that’s what I had to do towards the end of my Walt Whitman project.  It’s just a matter of staying focused and keeping myself away from distractions.  (This darned computer is one of those blasted distractions.  Good thing I do a lot of my work by hand!)


I think I had more that I wanted to write about, but I’m kinda jazzed about the tracks I’ve laid down for myself, so I’m gonna start chugging away.  Hopefully, I’ll make more stops here on this blog along the way and share what’s going on.  However, if you want more regular updates (albeit shorter ones), go ahead and friend me on Facebook and “like” Blink’s FB page. 

And lastly, I’m working up a “Buddies of Blink” email newsletter thing that will come out on a sorta monthly schedule and feature special stuff that will be for members of B.O.B. only, so send me a note to sign up for that.

Whelp—back to work!

Taking a stroll on the Wild Side [WWK Page One]

Yesterday, I went to my second appointment with my local Chiropractor (Grandview Chiropractic Center).  My neck’s been stiff lately and my hands are getting a bit cramped from all the fine line work I do on Blink  So I’ll be going there few a few weeks to get adjustments there and I bought a “Gyro Exerciser” to help retrain my hand/wrist/arm/shoulder muscles. 

Since Dr. Wilamosky’s office is only a block away from Stauf’s (my occasional studio away from home), I brought my portfolio to work on the pencils for page one of WWK there.  However, while I was in the Doc’s waiting room, I could hardly wait to get started working on Blink, so I pulled out my stuff and got on with roughing out the page.   (I actually didn’t have that long of a wait… I’m just not a very patient patient, I guess.  Smile with tongue out )

After my appointment, I rambled over to Stauf’s, set up at an open table and ordered a chilled Buckeye (that’s one of my half-dozen preferred beverages).  Before I had gotten 1/4 of the way through penciling, I was happily visited by Ross Hardy (who happened to be outside enjoying the Stauf’s patio).  I hadn’t seen Ross in months upon months, so it was good to catch up a bit with him. 

Later, one of Stauf’s fine baristas—Jesse (a recent graduate of CCAD), came by to chat for a little bit.  She’s interested in creating comics and so I told her about the Sunday Comix Group.  She said that she’s still in the “experimental” phase of her comics creations; I hope she joins the reaches out and joins the bustling (albeit hidden in the shadows) Columbus comics community and moves forward with her desires to create comics.

Now, for your enjoyment, here are the in progress photos of page one of WWK (pencils completed at Stauf’s, inks completed at home): 






I still have to illustrate the music notes (need to borrow the resource material from the library) and lay in a “cool quote” in the box on the bottom left.  Don’t know what that quote will be yet, but it’s sure to be something cool.  And of course I’ll scan it with my new scanner (that works!) and fill in a bunch of tones to make the page really “POP.”   BTW, if you don’t know the building those sidewalkers are passing by, it’s the Wild Goose Creative on Summit Street (just south of Hudson Ave.). They’re good people and have lots and lots to offer the creative community of Columbus.

Like I stated in yesterday’s post, I took some photos for reference. Here’s the (composite) photo I used to get a realistic feel for page one:

Splash page composite

Okay, that’s all for today.  On to penciling page two!

Goin’ Old School

I spent a little time yesterday taking some much-needed photo reference shots at the two locations that WWK takes place.  As a result, I should have page one penciled today and inked tomorrow.  Later tonight to post the progress of that page—with the photo ref shot used). 

In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you a bit of WWK history.  The story (in title, anyway) was originally conceived 5 years ago and featured just Blink & Hank bumping into each other (literally), talking and getting to know each others’ histories a bit more.  (Now the same thing will be taking place, but with six characters).  The other thing that’s a hold-over from the original is Blink’s overalls.

So I reached into my old Blink sketchbook (#9) and found this:

2006--02-27 WWK promo sketch

Oh, those blank Little Orphan Annie eyes Blink used to sport.  (Ick.)  If you want, there’s lots of other WWK sketches and penciled pages that I can post.  Let me know. 

Side note—the new WWK is being sketched out in Blink sketchbook #21.


ALSO!  Check it out:  I done did a guest strip for Kevin Freeman & Stan Yan's webcomic, SubCulture.  Fun!

One down, 29 more to go

It took about three hours for me to finish the inks on the Iuka Apartment building. 

Not all too shabby. 

I still have to spruce it up with tones in Photoshop, but my scanner is on the fritz, so that will have to wait until the replacement arrives (should be at my door tomorrow).  For now, it’s time for dinner, then to begin work on one of the story pages and see what I can get done on that before leaving for work tonight.

There are 28 pages of story and I also have the cover to draw=29 more to go.  I think (if my shoddy math skills are correct), if I draw 4.5 pages per week, I’ll have all that done & formatted for printing before I go to Baltimore in August.  (I also have to squeeze in a single page piece and a pin-up drawing that are scheduled to be completed before the end of the month.  Hi Ken!  Hi Chris!)


Iuka? What’s Iuka??

Here’s the first visual update on the first chapter of So It Goes:


I’ve gotta get a bite to eat before going to work—my "day" job that I work at night. ;)  I’ll update tomorrow with the finished piece and maybe I’ll write an answer the question: “What is Iuka?”

Before I go, I’ll answer a couple of questions from Facebook that are quick & easy:

Andrew Woods asks "When you make your comics do you use a certain type or size of paper? Just curious :)"  Yes—I draw on 14”X17” Strathmore Bristol board (smooth) 100 lb. 300 series. 

Jack Bertram asks “What kind of pens do you use when you ink?" Here they are:


So It Comes

Over the past few months, my posts here have been few but that's not because I haven't had anything to post about. No my friends, I have not been idle. I have been hard at work planning/ structuring/ figuring out/ composing/ writing and (finally) DRAWING the next incarnation of Blink after So Far.

During the seven years I spent creating what ended up being So Far, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a vague concept of what I thought I wanted, but no concrete construct or definitive plan. As a result, I spent a lot more time lost, uncertain of what the best direction was for me to go and just generally fumbling around (mostly in my own head). I did that about 70% of the time--rather than actually creating. It was like I wandering on the side of some huge, fog enshrouded mountain with no map, no lantern and no clue. But when So Far finally came into existence in March, I was able to see the fruits of my labors all at once. I had reached the mountaintop and could see the arduous path I had traveled. I was able to get my bearings and plan out my path for climbing the next mountain (which I can see a lot clearer).

So, that's what I've been doing for the past two months, planning and actually working on that next journey in Blink. So It Goes is what it is-- the follow-up to So Far...and it's gonna be awesome! There are 13 chapters which will be published on a quarterly basis* and I figure when it's all said and done the entire book will be over 350 pages! That's right-- the next Blink graphic novel is going to be over three times as long as the last one. If all goes well, I will have the So It Goes completed in time for Christmas, 2014.

Check this out (spoilers): in the first chapter, which is titled “Wonka Wonka Kochalka,” I'll be introducing three characters who were mentioned in the free Blink mini-comic Let It Be As It Is, and they're going to be major players in this new novel. I'll also be weaving in bits of story/conversation that were mentioned in the very first Blink story “Poetic Pop” (published in 2003) and in “A Brief Hopeless Case” (which was first published in 2006) AND we'll find out a hefty bit more about Blink's cartooning gig(s).

In the coming weeks, I'll be posting images from WWK (right now, it's a mass of scribbles and notes). But that's enough for now. I need to get back to the drawing board.


*Chapter one will be published in August 2011, but I have to hold off on chapter 2 because I have another assignment that has nothing to do with Blink but is uber cool and will be in color and I can't say anything more about it publicly (yet). So chapter 2 will be published in January 2012, and chapter 3 in April, chapter 4 in July and so on...